In the dream, I walked through mist toward the sound of laughter, merriment and the songs of the north. The mist soon cleared, and before me lay a great chasm. Waters thundered over its brim, and so deep it was, I could not see the bottom.

A great bridge made all of whale-bone was the only means to cross, and so I took it.

– Skardan Free-Winter

Welcome to the diary of Aksel ver Thokkavadh, Aksel Passer-Through-the-Mists. Here you will live the story of the Nord of Skyrim through his own eyes.

Of his youth, little is said or known. Aksel sought a life in the land of his ancestors, the cold lands of north Tamriel. Having left his old home for more bitter regions, he walked alone making his way, giving no thought to Fate and little to his destiny; resigned and perhaps content to live a humble and secluded life to the end of his days.

But, as you might have guessed, that life was not to be…


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